Free Cone Day - 17th April 2007

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Yippee! So happy on 17th April, Tuesday!! 🙂

It's free cone day @ Ben & Jerry's ! The moment I saw them preparing to go out, I started walking about in front of them to catch their attention. (They had no intention of bringing me along at first) 😉 And YES! It worked! They felt guilty and so brought me along to enjoy the 'special' ice-cream that everyone's talking about!

Hehe! Little Bro gotta stay at home while we went out.

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Took a bus there & when we reached Ben & Jerry's at Great World #02-40A, we could see a lot of people queuing up for the free ice cream & some of them eating happily near to the shop.

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We were lucky that we did not have to queue up like the others in the queue as we were told by the staff that children don't have to queue. (See! It's good to bring me along! 🙂 )

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Not sure what ice-cream we took but it was yummy! Haha! Hearing my suaku parents commenting of the ice-cream make me embarrassed though. 😉 They keep saying that it's really worth it to give Ben & Jerry's a try. keke (That's the 1st time the Tang Family excluding didi tried Ben & Jerry's ice-cream) As for me, I was feeling very much satisfied after the ice-cream.

Hmm, guess mummy would be buying Ben & Jerry's ice-cream when she wanted to have nice, yummy ice-cream! 😛

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