Chinese Garden 2008

Last weekend, we brought the kids to Chinese Garden to see the lantern. Actually, we wanted to bring the kids to see the lantern the previous weekend, Mid-Autumn Festival, but both the kids fell sick that week.
Since they are getting better, we decided to bring them to see the lanterns last Saturday. The kids were all excited that morning as they knew that they would be going out in the evening.
We went out after the kids woke up from their afternoon nap. Had our dinner near to Chinese Garden before we went to see the lanterns.

The kids were happy to see Hello Kitty. This is the first time that Izaac get to see the lanterns at Chinese Garden and the second time for Amilie. We took quite a few pictures and some were actually requested by the kids.

Though it's past Mid-Autumn Festival, there were still a lot of visitors at the Chinese Garden. We got the see the Lion Dance near the entrance of the Chinese Garden.

The fireworks caught us by surprise though. We were walking past and happened to heard a loud bang then the next moment there were fireworks. We got a good view of the fireworks from where we were standing. The fireworks looked so close to us. It's the first time that Izaac got to see the fireworks up close. He was excitedly shouting 'bomb! bomb!' After the initial scare.

The kids also get to sit on the Carousel Horse. They were excited and Izaac still wanted to sit other 'horses' after the ride. But we told them next time. Hehe!

After walking for a while and taking pictures, it's time to go home. Izaac was tired and almost fell asleep on the way home. Guess they would be anticipating for next year's trip to Chinese Garden.

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