Barney Show

The moment we know that Barney is coming to Singapore, I had been keeping a lookout for the sale of tickets from my company so that I could bring the kids to watch their favourite character.

When the kids saw the poster at Suntec City, they were excited. Here's picture of the kids taking picture with the poster. They were quite distracted though. 🙂

After lunch, we went around other exhibition to see what was available for them and found saw a walking "robot" and took photo with it. Hehe Izaac was too afraid to take pictures.

Finally, it's time for the show. The kids were happily singing with Barney and friends. But after a few songs, Izaac fell asleep. As it was nap time, Amilie also fell asleep after the break.

Luckily we did brought along the video camera to record for them to watch. And here's some snapshots of the concert we captured.

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