Last year, we were lucky that my friend gave me 1 voucher at Horizon Bistronomy. Since the date of our anniversary is within the validity period, we decided to had our dinner there for our anniversary.

We called up to make a reservation for the dinner and also looked up for any reviews and recommendations for the place we will be going.

Horizon Bistronomy is a french restaurant that serves fine and quality french food. The restaurant had both indoor and outdoor seats but most of the diners would prefer to sit outside where they can have a good view of the sea.

We chose the outdoor table also but the sky was dark and cloudy that day so we did not sit at the open space which can look out to the sea.


December 2015, we had a short staycation @ Downtown East D'Resort. We had actually booked the resort for the purpose of birthday celebration in August for Athina's birthday. However, when we realised that as the theme rooms are meant to be similar to be having like hotel concept, we could not have catering or BBQ at the resort. We decided to postpone the stay to December instead.

When we saw the advertisement on the D’Resort Rainforest Family rooms, we thought the resort will be interesting for the children. There were three different theme designed family rooms: Rainforest, Underwater and M&Ms. We were given the Rainforest room and the children loved the bright design and pictures on the wall.

The room was spacious for us. The bunk bed was the first thing they climbed onto. See how happy they were on the cozy bed. The girls shared the bed while Izaac slept alone on top.


Posted Amilie's birthday photos up, so today I will be posting Izaac's birthday pictures and videos. While searching the photos, I didn't managed to find 2016. Therefore, I had no choice but to post till 2015 instead of 2016. It's a tradition in our home that the children got a birthday cake and we will start singing birthday song few hours after dinner. The kids enjoyed this tradition and I do hope that they got to celebrate this as many years as possible, one day they will be celebrating with their friends instead of with us.


As we have not been updating for very long, a lot of birthday celebrations were missed out. I had a hard time finding all the photos as the pictures are scattered everywhere. Luckily I managed to find all the pictures. The top picture is the latest picture.

As the children grow older, I kept forgetting how old they were. I remembered there was one year that I even put the wrong age on the cake. You can imagine the shocked I got when I realised that the age was wrong when I collected the cake that day.

Here's 2013, I don't even remember that she chose the strawberry shortcake for her birthday that year. It looked nice and pretty. While looking at the pictures, I missed their chubby cheeks. The chubbiness are all gone! (Was told to type this by Izaac)


As the age gap between the 3 kiddos are not very far apart, the children are very close to one another. They even knew their friends in school. They do share secrets and talked a lot about school. They will play together. It's nice to see them playing closely together. When outside, the elder 2 will help to take care and look after the youngest one. I do envy them to have such close bond as siblings.

Well, all children squabbles, the 3 kiddos are no exception. They squabbles a lot too. Most of the times over small matters like sitting a chair to fighting over a show. Every one think they are right and then normally the losing party to will find someone to "bring justice". Sometimes, we would just punish all of them as they are supposed to be siblings and they should learn to share. Even though, we knew they heard it so many times, we couldn't help ourselves but to repeat it every time the squabbles started.

After the initial squabbling, they will start ignoring each other. Sometimes, they will paste on the door to not let the other person in.


From the time the children started preschool, the teachers had been teaching the children to make cards or crafts for occasions like Mother's Day or Father's Day. When they reach home, they will present it to us.

As they like to do handicraft, especially the girls, they will also do cards for our birthdays and anniversaries.

Though they used normal printing paper to do the card, the cards are still nice in my eyes. Most importantly, the cards are unique as all are drawn by our children.

On my birthday, I received cards from 3 kids and a red packet from Amilie as well. Haha! Can't remember how much she had given me but isn't that sweet?


Although the children is drawing lesser at home, they got to draw in school during their arts lesson. The art lessons are much different as compared to what I had during my Primary school times. The children actually got to do different kind of art pieces and the school had also encouraged the students by displaying some of the selected art pieces to be displayed in the school.

Parents got to see the children's art pieces when we attended the school events, such as Arts Alive, where the kids put up some performances to showcase what they had learn for the school term.

Amilie is lucky that her art pieces are selected to be displayed for 3 consecutive years.

In 2014, the first time that her picture was selected and displayed. I was happy and even posted it here. (more…)

Found pictures of them doing painting on National Day few years back and decided to write something about it.

When the kids were at very young age, I like to engage them in Art & Craft. Using art & craft to teach them on alphabets is good and interesting as they got to color or create something out of recycled items to form something related with the alphabet. It could leave a deeper impression on them.

Not sure was it because I had engaged them in these activities at a very young age, the teachers always commented that the children love to draw and they draw very nice. They had no problem getting their hands dirty with paint or cutting things using scissors.

However, with the overwhelming school activities and homework, they are often left with less time to do any art & crafts.

Below are one of the moments when they were free and got the mood to do some painting activities. Since that day happened to be National Day, I had suggested to them to paint something related to National Day instead.

See the video how they enjoyed painting on National Day.


Time passes by so fast and unknowingly, it had been 2 years plus since the last post.

Realising that we had been neglecting our website for a long time, I decided to start posting again.
Papa Tang helped to revamped our website with a new look and cleared up the error while I tried to post few weeks (or months) back.
However, during the clearing of the website, the photos in the previous posts which were using some plugins were not able to be displayed.
I had tried to edit the posts and upload the photos again but that was when I realised I did not know where the original photos taken before 2011 were kept.

Since most of my posts were dated 2011 and earlier, a lot of the posts will not have photos on them, I guessed the only way is to just leave it as it is and hopefully one day I will be able to find back my pictures.

While searching through the photos, I found that we had a lot of memories which should be recorded down before I totally forgot about them.

Another reason on why I started to post again is because I had been "researching" on Taipei and reading a lot on other people's posts and therefore wanted to record our itinerary down as well.
Yes! We are searching for information on Taipei as we are planning on a trip there.

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